Crazy Wednesdays…….

Dr Appointment #1 for the day is done.   If you don’t want to read about all this junk….skip!  If I don’t give details Mom will be calling tonight.   She worries a bit.  Gotta love having someone care about you.  Today I didn’t have to call her after my appointment crying at least

I saw my primary physician today about the Endocrinologists concern about my elevated white blood count.  She and I had a very long discussion.  I think she feels bad that she didn’t realize that I had been on the prednisone for so long.  She had managed my prednisone until she referred me on to the allergist.  I only wish she would have referred me on to a pulmonologist.  Oh well…that is history.   One possible cause of my elevate white blood count could be prednisone.  I will not be off the prednisone until the beginning of April so we will recheck my level at that time.  I also have to have vitamin D, thyroid and calcium tested at that time.   So we agreed to wait until then before jumping to conclusions or running to the next specialist.   If that level is high I will be referred to a hematologist to rule out leukemia.   I could be terrible upset by this, but I just feel that the high level is due to prednisone and will think optimistic.  We also had a discussion about the withdrawal symptoms on predisone which are hitting me harder and harder.   She said it will get better, that is what withdrawal is like.  YIKES!!  Remind me never to get addicted to anything, it is really hard to feel like this.   A few more weeks……………….April 4th is my last day on prednisone.   Next week I will need to have the x-ray of my back done to see if it is fractured.   If it is, than I will be diagnosed with severe osteoporosis and will need to change my treatment to daily injections.  Blah….Blah….Blah…..I  even hate listening to this junk.    Ok….consider yourself updated, Mom!  You know everything I know…..  

After my appointment I went to Target to pick up a few things, soap, etc.  Now I am home for 30 minutes and then I will be going to Tommy’s school conference.  I love his conferences!!  He is so smart and good….great to hear positive things about a child for once.  Two nights ago Tommy surprised us, he counted to 20 and then counted backwards to 1.  WOW…who taught him to count backwards???  I will have to ask the teacher if they have been doing that in school.   Miss Rene is great with him.  He wouldn’t be reading at age 4 without her and his auntie Bonnie!

After conferences  I have a follow-up Dr appointment with the gastro Dr. somewhere in St Paul.   I don’t think they will have any surprises for me.  I think my stomach is doing ok. Predisone is really tought on the lining of your stomach. I wasn’t looking forward  to the next test they wanted to do so hopefully that will be it with them.  The EGD was enough for me!   I am hoping they won’t want to see me back.  One less Dr to see regularly would be really great!!   But yes, I will continue with reccomended treatment…though it makes me cranky!

I need to still make out my menu/shopping list fot the day.  I need to get groceries sometime today.  I hope my energy will hold out for that!

Yesterday I went to see happysauders and her new baby, Tessa!    AAAAH….she is adorable and such a good baby.  She let me hold her for a long time before she was fussy for a feeding.   My friend is so relaxed and calm…motherhood certainly agrees with her.   It was so wonderful to see her with her baby.  It was a great visit, I miss not having Deb at work right across the walkway from me. 

Later…time to get to conferences for my baby!


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