What a wonderfully relaxing day it has been! I really don’t plan on leaving the house until Tuesday morning.  

LAST NIGHT – Tommy was asleep by 9:00 since he didn’t have a nap.   Hubby moved him into his own bed and we watched a movie we rented from the library.  It was called Skeleton Key….sort of scary.   Hubby also watched the March of the Penguins, but I didn’t see it as I was laying down with Tommy.   Josh worked until around 8;00 or so and then came home for a bit.   He then went over to Emma’s house.  He was home around midnight.   I was actually still awake for once when he got home.  

SUNDAY –  We are finally all healthy and we were able to attend church.  It was great to be back!   After church we came home and I made french toast, per hubby’s request.  Josh and Amy had brunch with us before they both had to leave for work.   Amy got a job at a Presbyterian Homes place.  They have a restaurant there for the people that live there.  She waitresses there and really likes it!   I am very happy for her.  I think it is GREAT she has a job.  

After Brunch I took a nap and Tommy decided he didn’t need a nap.  That is fine because he will go to bed early then.   After I got up Tommy and I baked some blueberry muffins and I browned hamburger and made 4 pounds of taco meat for future meals.  An idea I which I would have thought of years ago!  Makes it easy for hubby to make supper when I work late. 

Hubby and I have done a few loads of laundry today, but once Josh gets home and cleans his room I will have more to do!

I do have a number of things I need to get done tonight and tomorrow.  I need to finish my book for book group on Thursday and figure out a menu as to what I am making for my friends!!  Hubby will take the boys out for supper while my book group is here.  A quick tidy of each room of the house is in order as well after I get supper cooking!  

I guess I am off to make supper!  Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “SUNDAY…..

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a great weekend, glad you are all well too.  It is nice to have cooked meat in the freezer for quick meals.  🙂  Stay warm, we are very cold here too. Blessings! 😉

  2. Isn’t it nice to just stay home sometimes! 🙂  Great idea to make taco meat ahead of time and freeze them individually.  That will certainly come in handy on a busy afternoon!

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