Good Morning……

Saturday….YEAH!!  I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend.   It is still very cold and will be all weekend so we will be spending most of our time in the house this weekend.

LAST NIGHT –  I picked up Tommy from daycare and we had a quiet evening home alone.  My hubby was been pretty stressed with work and pushed over the top by Erik the last few days.   So he called and said he was going out.   I am really glad he was able to go out with some friends.  He really needed that break!!   Tommy and I had his favorite supper, grilled cheese sandwhiches and strawberries.   Then we curled up in bed and watch SpyKids 2 and ate popcorn.   After the movie Tommy spent alot of time pretending to be a secret agent.  We were in bed and asleep by 10:00

TODAY – no matter what I can’t sleep past 7:00am.   So I am up and have started some laundry.   I have a few things I need to get done this morning.   I need to go through the bins down stairs and see if I have any size 5 jeans.  Tommy has increased in a size.  If not we will be going to Target today to buy him new underwear and pants for school.   He is growing so quickly.  I budgeted $40.00 so that should do it for him.   I try to stock up on clothes during clearance sales and garage sales, but I don’t know what I have down stairs right now.  Hopefully a few pairs of pants!

Also on the agenda today is going to the library.   I also have 4 punds of hamburger that I will fry up and season for taco flavored.  I will hen freeze it for future meals.  That way my hubby can just pull out flavored meat and his meal is nearly done!    

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  1. I do the same thing with clothes, I buy ahead one size from the clearance racks at target. I bought some nice polo shirts for Mitch for school next year for $1.76 each. We recieved some very nice hand me down Levi brand jeans from a friend last year that Mitch has now grown into.

    I also pre-cook and freeze ground beef and diced chicken in bulk. I just did 3 pounds of diced chicken so now when the kids want chicken and dumplings they don’t have to wait until the weekend!

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