Another one Bites the Dust……

Well I wasn’t able to go to church tonight since I am running a fever.    I didn’t want to spread the lovely germs from our house.  I encouraged hubby to got to church with the kids, but he rarely will go without me.   So he and Tommy are home with me as well.   It is about 6:30 and I am going to bed.   I am so tired!  This fever is taking alot out of me.   I did call the clinic today and all of our strep tests were negative. 

I did go to my eye tech appointment and got more intensive testing for glaucoma done on my eyes.  They put these drops to make your eye numb…..very weird feeling!    Then I grabbed groceries and came home.  By the time I got home I was so tired!   I put away the cold groceries and went to bed.   I slept for 2 hours and am ready to go back to sleep now.   If I am running a fever tomorrow I probably won’t go to work.  I do have my laptop with me so I can work a bit tomorrow afternoon if I am feeling better.

I asked Josh to wash the dishes before going to church tonight, which he did while I was sleeping.   AAAH…good boy!   

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