Weigh In…….

Monday means “weigh in” for me at Weight Watchers…..I was really dreading it today!!  But I acutally had a small loss.  YEAH!! 

I think it has really helped that I am privately posting what I plan to eat each day and I hope I am back on track!  

   I do need to keep walking and as it warms up here I might be able to walk more.  I didn’t feel well this weekend so I didn’t go walking at the mall on Saturday morning. 

12.2 pounds to Goal……..

**My goal for next week is to track what I eat at least 5 days of the week.  

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  1. Congrats on the LOSS!!!!! You are almost there!!! I am a bad WW-er, I quit tracking when I realized I kept losing whether I wrote it down or not (that is a bad reinforcement of a less-than-ideal dieting behavior, that I would lose each week, whether it was 1.8# or a measley .2# ). I have my first weigh-in as a “Lifetime Member” this week, yikes!

    GL tracking what you eat, and again, PROPS to you, you’re almost at goal!!!

  2. I just wanted to send you a big thank you. i was just browsing around and i found your site. and then i had seen your schedule. i noticed the clutter site and i needed help big time. i signed up and i am going to start doing the cleaning. baby steps of course! well thank you again for posting all of your helpful information!


    p.s. my son who is 6 has adhd and that is how i found your site!

  3. yes i ment flylady. i didn’t want to say it wrong and then you be like ? 🙂 and i have a stepdaughter! lol no adhd though. i am looking forward to starting tomorrow with my decluttering. i am starting tonight with the sink. what an accomplishment that will be!

  4. i cleaned my sink! lol you probly are like good for you…..okay……stop stalking me!

    i just am so happy i found your site which led me to flylady…….wow! well have a great day and i am so looking forward to tomorrow. for once in my life anyhow! have a great night!

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