I have been soo busy lately.   I haven’t had any time to post.   I am fine…just tired.  As I decrease my medication I struggle with my energy level until I get used to the new level.  Thursday was a blur and I don’t even remember what we did.  I know I did see the chiropractor which felt good.  I am only going to see him twice a month.  Friday I spent the day at my Unit Retreat.   We went to the MN Arboretum.  We did accomplish a few projects so it was worth it I guess.

Friday evening was so enjoyable.  Hubby went to Buffalo Wild Wing and got some wings to bring home.  I relaxed on the couch and cross-stitched for a bit.   I was really tired and was in bed  and asleep by 10:00.  Josh called to say he was done at work around 11:00 and was going to a Talent Show at church.  I was sound asleep when he called.   He said he would be home around 12:30.   So I went back to sleep.  It is so wonderful to have a child you can trust and go to sleep and *know he will be home when he said he would.   I woke up at 12:45 and looked out side to see if his car was there. ….I couldn’t see since you can’t see all of the driveway from the window.  So I called down stairs, “Josh??”.   I didn’t hear him answer so I called his cell phone wondering where he was….ROFL!!   He answered…Yes, Mom??   He was downstairs in bed…I didn’t hear him answer.   I *was half asleep at the time…..he thought it was pretty funny since he could hear me dialing his number and *knew his cell would be ringing soon.  


We are getting ready to head to the library and the grocery store.  Tommy and I are getting stuff to make Play-Doh today.   He was asking about doing a project!   I don’t have as much time anymore during the week to do projects with him so when Erik is at his Mom’s I make sure we do a number of projects with Tommy.  He loves it!!  

I have to do a few cooking things as well.   I am going to throw some black beans in the crockpot to cook up and freeze for future meals.    I also have two bags on onions to cook up and saute and freeze for future meals.   I will also work on some laundry, but that is it for the weekend.    I am just going to enjoy some time with hubby and Tommy.   Josh will be working again this evening.  He is finishing up his chores right now since he was working on chore night.   I have to do mine as well….

We are off….have a great weekend with your family! 

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