The best word to describe my life is content.   I enjoy it so much.  That hasn’t always been the case.  But now the ordinary times/things are so important to me.   Last night it was Tommy and I home alone since hubby had to run up to Erik’s moms house to bring some of his homework.   Tommy wanted to have a party.    I love a 4 year olds idea of a party.  We made frozen pizza and had pop an orange pop at supper.  That was a real treat!    Then after supper we put on our pj’s … was a pj party too he said!   Then we played pirates, legos, blocks and did a few puzzles.  What a party!! LOL!!   That little guy knows how to have contentment in the ordinary things!    At 8:00 we put headed to bed and watched Rainbow Fish video.   Hubby and Tommy were both asleep by 9:00.   What contentment and love I feel to look over while I read and see those two sounds asleep next to me!  

I wasn’t that tired so I stayed up until about 11:00.  I finished my book, Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble.   (4.5/5)  Very good, I recommend this one.  The women in the group are very well developed and you really care about them and want to see what happens with their lives.   I was sad for it to end….I loved the characters!   After I finished that book I started A Million Little Pieces by James Frey.  

I had moved Tommy into his bed and at about 4:00 he woke up tell me he wet the bed.  OOPS…..pop before bed.  So I got him changed and put him into bed with us.   I couldn’t fall asleep so I listened to the book on tape on my MP3 Player.  Gotta love that thing!   I am listening to Angels and Demons by Dan Brown – also very good! 

Well I slept a little late so I better figure out what I am going to do with my day and get going!   


  • Walk at Mall – at least 2 miles  – DONE – 3 Miles
  • Go to Library   – DONE
  • Laundry – DONE


  • Nap – DONE
  • Tommys Room
  • Pay Bills
  • 15 minutes a Room
  • Supper into the Crockpot – by 1:00 or 1:30 – Skip – Too Full from Lunch!



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