YAWN – I am ready to head to bed here.   I just need to clean up the kitche na bit and call it a night.   I want to finish my book tonight so I can return it to the library tomorrow.  I made it home around 6;00 and made Chicken Enchiladas for supper.   The recipe I used makes enough for 3 meals worth so we have two more meals of it in the freezer.  Those will come in handy the nights hubby needs to cook. 

I do have my menus ready for the next few weeks.  I decided to try doing a 6 week rotation for menus.  Monday and Tuesdays will be meals hubby cooks.  Wednesday we eat at church and Thursday and Friday will be family favorite recipes from our website.  Saturdays will be my day to try a new recipe.  Sunday will be our usual breakfast after church and a crockpot meal in the evening.   It realy didn’t take any longer to plan for 6 weeks so I think I might do this for a while.  I was getting so gtired of making my menus, bit know I can’t go shopping without having my menu done sure to financial restraints.  

So here is menu plan for the next 6 weeks…………………..



I am off to bed…..have a good night!!



Fill out Tommys’ Preschool registration for next year
Make Shopping list

Go to Mall walking

Mail bills

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