Still snowing!  The boys had needed to go out and shovel twice already.   I am glad we ran all our errands this morning.    I did really well on groceries and spent less than $60.00 for the week.   I even used a coupon for pop so $11.00 of that was pop.  YIKES!!  We stopped at the Dollar store and got mouth wash and toothpaste so we are set I think.  

Tomorrow I need to go and buy the ingredients for Cheese Fondue .  We are going to our neighbors for a New Year Party.  Should be fun. 

Tommy and I just got back from sledding while supper cooked.  He loved going down the hill on the sled.   I went with him since he was a little scared.   We had a great fun!  Well off to get supper finished up.  We are having Baked Potato bar…….YUMMY!!  

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