Hey….how has your day been??   Ours has been pretty nice.   I got up early and read a bit and was on the computer only a bit since xanga was down.  Then I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.   I took Tommy to daycare and went to the mall to walk again.   I walked 2 more miles today, that is 4 for the week.   I hope to go walk again tomorrow morning after dropping off Tommy.   I really need to lose before my next weigh in at Weight Watchers.   I am going to stop by a center near here on Saturday to weigh in since my at work one is off due to the holidays.  

After walking I went to Goodwill to drop off some donatations and check out the books.  LOL!   I ended up finding a new king sized comforter for only 6.00.  Many people don’t know it, but at the Goodwill here Target donates alot of there stuff.   So many times I can find new things from Target or Old Navy very inexpensively.  


I also found two new large bath towels for 1.99 each.   Some of ours are getting pretty ratty and need to be thrown.  of course once I put the new comforter on I started cleaning the room.  I decluttered my night stand and magazine/book basket.   Then hubby came home and he went through his clothes and got rid of 2 garbage bags of clothes he no longer wears.   So of course I will be stopping at Goodwill to drop more donatations off tomorrow.  

After Goodwill I came home to check on the older two boys.   Then I needed to go to AAA to get our plane tickets for our trip over Spring Break.   I actually got the tickets at  a cheaper price than I had found anywhere on the internet.   I was very happy.   I was thinking about cancelling the trip, but after talking to my brother I knew we had to go.   I will not have regret about not doing the things I wanted to with my children when they are young and at home with us.  We only have them with us for a short time and we are going to have great memories not regret to look back on.    I am the goofy mom that dresses up for halloween and throws crazy parties and does things with my children.   And we will take our children to Walt Disney World and have that one amazing memory!    It is priceless.   My hubby and I will have years to do many things together….it is time for our children now.   Like my bro said,  at the end of my life what will money do for me….it will be the memories especially those with my boys that will mean the world to me.   Gosh, I love those guys!    So go sledding with your children and have fun with them.   Those memories are so sweet to look back on.   Erik was just talking about the first plane ride he took to Colorado and his memories of it.   So I choose to live my life without regret!  

After getting the tickets I stopped at the library and target.    I needed to get a gift for a daycare birthday tomorrow.  We need a new toaster too, but they were a bit more than I wanted to spend so we will wait for a sale. 

That all took most of my day.   I than came home and worked on homework with Erik for a while.  I still need to neb a bit each day so I was able to read while doing that.  

Well tomorrow is another day….I will finish decluttering my room tomorrow and make another trip to Goodwill to get rid of stuff.   Have a great night………remember, make time for what matters………. 


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  1. Exciting, sledding!!!

    We decluttered our bedroom a bit today, too, but I bet yours is miles neater than ours…we have a ways to go (but we’re on our way!).

    I missed it, where are you going over Spring Break??!?!?!


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