We were up fairly early on Sunday.  Tommy couldn’t wait to get his brothers up so they could open presents.    Santa filled th boys stockings with candy and stuff of course.  Santa brought some items for the whole family.   We received the new Charlie and Choc Factory Movie and two new games.   They boys each got books and socks.  Santa always brings a book for each boy. 

Then it was off to church.  We went to the 10:15 service.  Erik went home with his Mom from church to spend some time with them for Christmas.  It was suppose to be our year for Christmas with him, but we felt he should spend time with his mom.   Though oddly he ended up being there more than here on our year for Christmas, since she asked for Monday in addition to the Christmas Day we offered.  Sort of interesting how that worked out.

We came home and I made some quiche for brunch.   Josh went and picked up Amy and we spent the afternoon watching our new movie from Santa.   I threw in a ham to cook that I had gotten on a good sale.   Josh and Amy went to the movie with Amy’s parents and Hubby, Tommy and I went to visit grandma and grandpa.  We took over and set up Grandma’s new keyboard.   Very fun!    Tommy got fussy after a while so we had to leave.  

We came home and I cut up the ham and ended up with about 8 – 2-cup packages for future casseroles or soups.   I saved the Ham bone so will be making soup with that soon.  Hubby made more cookies and Tommy played his v-smile game.    Tommy and I headed to bed fairly early and called it a night.   It was a nice quiet weekend……

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