Just checking in……How is everyone’s day going??  I have gotten all my morning tasks done and have a few hours to veg before needing to take the kids to the dentist.   I am blogging a bit and watching “Judging Amy”.   Love that show….a social worker with spunk…gotta love that.   She says and does things I wish I could……….

I even got a couple of things done that I was procrastinating about.  I renewed my driver’s license.  The line at city hall was very short today.  YEAH!!  I also finally changed my name on my Sam’s club card.  Yep…after being married for 5 years I finally change my name on it!  LOL!!  The line was short there today too….

The nicest part about our community is I bump into people I know from school or church in the stores and chat with them.  I saw my friend Brenda at Sam’s Club and got to catch up with her a bit.   I see her most Sundays at churches too.  We are really blessed with the sense of community and friendship we have in our town. 

I am off to neb, set up my meds and read for a bit.   Have a great day!! 

“Make Time for What Matters……………..”

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  1. I love “Judging Amy,” too.  I, too, have a degree in Social Work and they finally didn’t portray one to be a big dork, horrible oger of a person!  Ha!~  Hard to find, I’m telling you.


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