One Dr Appointment Down……

Well I saw the ophthalmologist and wasn’t the best appointment ever.    I left sort of upset.   I have steroid induced glaucoma and lens changes consistent with beginning cataracts.   All side effects of being on steroids to control my asthma, not much I can do with it since right now the side effect of not taking steroids could be death.  Hmm….  I go back in 1 to 2 months to have more extensive testing done on my eyes so they can monitor the progression.    According to the Dr, if I stay on the steroids for my asthma, I will need to have cataract surgery within 3 years.   I believe he said it was a lens replacement surgery.   He assured me both the glaucoma and cataracts are treatable and I will not loss my vision.   I was still pretty upset by this news…..

Almost time to leave for my next Dr appointment.  I am getting a second opinion from a pulmonoligst about how to get me off the predisone.   I hope she has better news for me! 

3 thoughts on “One Dr Appointment Down……

  1. That news had to be quite shocking for you…to me, sight is such a gift; even the threat of losing it makes me shudder.

    I hope the docs can get you away from the steroids so eye surgery won’t be the way you have to go. Good luck, and know that many will be saying prayers for you today.


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