Time to call it a night and get things ready for the upcoming week.   Hubby and I ran to Target and bought a couple of DVD cases to put our movies and educational games in.  That way we can get rid of all the cases and have more room.    So those are all organized.  

Hubby and Josh work on trying to fix the kitchen sink.  No such luck, we now have a leak in addition to a broken faucet so the plumber will be coming tomorrow.  ARGH…just one more thing I guess. 

I set up homework for Tommy for the week.  We are going to work with him 3 days a week.  We are working on the Letter H since that is the letter of the week at school.   Our class on Wednesday night has ended  and there isn’t anything else starting for us.   So we will go to church as a family and eat, than hubby, Tommy and I will return home and we will have time to work on some educational games and things with Tommy while the other two are at confirmation.   He needs a little one on one time as well.    Things are going very well around our house.   We are finding what works, and what doesn’t and getting some great routines in place that are working out better.  

I am off to do my bedtime routine and go to bed and read.   Have a great night!


I have two doctors appointments on Monday.   I am going to the Ophthalmologist in the morning and the new pulmonoligist on Monday afternoon.   Hopefully everything will go easily and they will have good news for me. 

I need to work late so hubby has the children for the evening.   I need to have things set up for him, but he does pretty good at it. 

I am off to neb and get ready for bed.  Good Night!

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