My week is moving right along.  I am not sure if that is good or not.  I still feel like I have alot to do.   Today Tommy has a in-center field trip and goes into school an hour later.  So I am home more this morning.  I didn’t sleep in though since I have a few things I wanted to get done with the extra hour.  


  • 7:30 – Do Kelly’s Missions:  Clean Bathtub and Counter in Upstairs Bathroom (trying to get back to doing Flylady- fell off the wagon a bit)
  • 8:00 – Do Dishes/ Sweep/Pick up Kitchen
  • 8:30 – Shower/ Iron Clothes and Get Ready for Work
  • 9:00 – Laundry – Put Away
  • 9:30 – Get Tommy Ready to Leave

TAKE TOMMY TO PRESCHOOL AND GO TO WORK – I will need to work until about 7:30 tonight before coming home.  Oh well….plenty to do!    Last night I made my list of what must be done before the end of the year.  I have 7 more visits to make which isn’t bad considering I have probably around 160 to make through out the year in addition to my other work.   I have three plans that need revisions and hopefully the four I turned in last night will be back to me without reivsions.  Wouldn’t that be nice!  

Tommy still has a bad cough.  My chest is tight and I have been using my nebulizer once a day or so.  I have a machine and home and at work so I am covered. 

Gotta scoot – Chat with you later!  Have a great day! 

0 thoughts on “TUESDAY

  1. Hi Jen,

    Hope you and Tommy are feeling better soon. I love the new look here. So Christmasy!!

    Hope you accomplish what you need done. It feels so good when you get things done each day!

    I’m running out of time, so I hope to update my blog very soon. Take care and get some rest! So that you will feel better soon.

    God Bless You


  2. Praying you and Tommy feel better soon. Oh, to answer your question, yes my son is loving school. I am so pleased. He loves the interaction. Thank you kindly for asking.

  3. Hope you guys are better!

    How’s Tommy liking pre-school. We aren’t sending J till next year, tho they HS Kids run a “playschool” in the spring as part of their Child Development class. She went last year and had a ball, so I’ll send her again this year. I can handle doing that with a newborn, right? 🙂

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