I am actually out of bed today.  Yesterday I was in bed all day.   I have been under the weather for a couple of days.  Very bad timing since I have about 9 people coming for Thanksgiving.   I haven’t even been able to buy any of the groceries for the meal yet.  ARGH….I thought I might feel better this morning, but no such luck.   I still have chills, headache and upset stomach.   I am going to make a grocery list today and send Joshua to get everything.  He has never gotten that much groceries by himself.  I hope it goes ok.   I have no choice since I can’t make it to the store.  He is such a good kid….I don’t know what I would do without him!

I hope Josh will help me this afternoon to make pies and mashed potatoes.    Yesterday Josh, Emma and Amy made some cookies.  They are going to bake some more today.   I think I will shower and head back to bed.   

The only thing good about being sick on thanksgiving is that I bet I won’t over eat and gain alot of weight!   It will be interesting to weigh in on Monday.  Might be my most successful holiday ever!


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  1. That was really weird, you commented on stuff I had from a year ago!  I didn’t realize I had some protected posts still up.  Interesting! 😀

    I went to my family practice doc first, then he referred me to a psychologist, but psychiatrists work, too.

    Hope you’re feeling better today!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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