Whew….where has this week gone???  I have worked late almost every night this week.   Poor hubby has needed to care for the children most evening alone.   I can’t wait until the busy season is done!  IT is crazy around here with year end budgets and massive amounts of work. 


My parents came into town and went to church for supper with us.  My mom and I went to half price book to shop a bit. (Our favorite store!)   Of course I bought some more books.  ARGH…one I realize I already read.  OOPS…I will have to mail it to my mom or something.    Hubby and I didn’t go to our class since my parents were here.  We wanted to spend the little time we had visiting with them.  Tommy loved having Grandma to play with.   He is missing her this morning. 


I went with to Preschool to drop off Tommy and make sure everyone got to the right room.   His grandparents stayed with him and I went to work for unit meeting.  I *Had to be at work by 10:00.  My hubby came at 11:30 to pick up Tommy from preschool and take him to daycare.  My parents headed back to South Dakota.  It was so incredibly nice of them to come so far to spend grandparents day with Tommy.   He is a lucky boy!

I worked until late.  I was in Burnsville for a homevisit so I stopped at DSW Shoes…another favorite store!   I really needed new black boots to wear to work.   I bought a pair of Franco Sarto Boots…(love them).  My pair from last year were Franco Sarto!  I also bought a pair of Clarks that are boots shoes.  They are very comfortable, with a nice heel.  I dont’ care to wear flat shoes much. 

That evening I went to book club.   Very fun….didn’t discuss the book much, but had a great time.  What a fun group of ladies!   I didn’t even leave to head home until almost 10:00.  YIKES!!   Of course when I called home to say I was on my way home…the kids were all still up.  GRRRRR   Things sure are run a lot differently than when I am home. 


I slept in a bit….I have been burning the candle at both ends and needed a little more rest.   I than quickly paid bills and updated our budget for next week.  I forgot to budget to take the kids to a movie next week.   I will have to mess with it a bit and see if I can squeak out a movie.   They all need haircuts and Erik wants a new jacket. 

I am going to be working in the office all day today.  I hope to get alot of paperwork, budgets and reports done!   I also have to stop at the grocery store after work to get the ingredients to make cookies at church tomorrow morning.   We are also putting on a community baby shower at church on Saturday afternoon. 


Erik is off of school all week next week.   He will have to go with Tommy to his auntie’s on Monday as I have to work.  Tuesday and Wednesday I will either work from home or take the day off.  Tuesday I will probably get groceries since Tommy is at his Aunties.   Erik can help me.   Wednesday I have both boys home with me so I am going to try to take them to a movie.  Wednesday afternoon Erik will be going to his mothers for Thanksgiving and the weekend. 

For Thanksgiving we are having my in-laws and brother in law over.   I hope to relax the rest of the week!  I am done with Christmas shopping so I won’t be going to after Thanksgiving sales.  Actually I have never gone to them……just not my cup of tea!  

Time to get busy with work….have a great day!!

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