Hello… was my first day off!  Yeah…..though I was busy all day.   I got up and got Erik off to school.  Than I realized that hubby got paid early since tomorrow is a holiday.   So I paid bills and worked on our budget.  

I took Tommy to preschool and he separated really well from me.   He knew we were out of apple juice and I told him I had to go so I could get groceries and he was fine.  LOL!!  He wanted me to buy apple juice!   I stopped at the bank and picked up cash for groeries,  the kid’s allowance and Christmas Shopping tomorrow.   I like to use cash in envelopes for groceries and Christmas shopping….when it is gone… is gone.   I have a better understanding of how much money I have left when I use cash.  I absolutely never charge anything for Christmas.  I don’t want to ever be paying for Christmas in the new year. 

I came home and went through all the Christmas gifts I already have bought.  We buy gifts for about 30 people.   I have about 1/3 of the gift all done.  I made a list of the gifts we need to buy yet and should be ready for our big shopping day tomorrow.   I can’t wait to be done with all my shopping. 

Then I made my grocery and menu and got groceries.  I had budgeted $119 for groceries since I hadn’t made it to the store in two weeks.  I only spent $101.00 so that was pretty good.  I would like to get to where I only buy groceries only twice a month, but with the amount of fresh produce we like to eat, I dont’ think that will work. 

Time to make supper and get going on with our evening.  Tommy is napping…ooops!


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  1. I would really like to start using cash for everyday things too, I know several people who do it and say it really works well for keeping you within your limits.With the new mortgage payment and now a car note every month, we(I) are going to have to tighten up. We are making progress though…hubby turned over his credit cards last night, lol. Thanks for all the tips you post, I really enjoy reading them and I hope to start using some!

  2. Glad your day went well. My son will start school here soon, I am curious how he will do about separating from me. Have a good evening.

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