Hey everyone…..I know you home schoolers are a great resource for books for my boys!    I found a series that Erik was able to read, Spiderwick.  I bought the 5 book set and he has read them all.  I look on book adventure website and they say these are at about the 3rd grade level.   I also bought him the Artemis Fowl set and Eragon both of these are above his reading level and he can’t understand them.  We also have all the Harry Potter Book, but those are too hard as well.  He loves the Lord of the Rings and that type of thing.   So I am looking for some reading suggestions.   Santa Brings a book or two every year for the boys.   Santa tries to promote literacy a lot!    Erik is in the 7th grade, but his reading and comprehension is delayed.

Also looking for reading suggestions for Josh.   Last year I bought him all the Dan Brown book, Angels and Demons, Davini Code and a few others.   He also will read Lamb: Jesus’s Childhood Friend or something like that.    He is nearly 18 and is an excellent reader.  He has read at college level since he was in 6 grade or less.  He has read a few Tom Clancy book as well……I have bought him a James Patterson book too.  

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  1. I’ve been going back to try to figure out what you did to hurt your ribs…I hope you feel better soon.  My hubby did something like that once and he thought he was having a heart attack, the pain was so bad!

    What about the Redwall series for Erik?  Not sure what the reading level is on them, but perhaps a check is in order.  I’ll ask my hubby what he thinks.  My brain is numb.

  2. I was going to recommend the Redwall series as well. I don’t know the reading level either, hehe. Um, author is eluding me just now, but if you search Amazon for “Redwall”, it’ll come up.

    What about C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia? My sister read those in 3rd grade.

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