I can always count on your guys…your great!   I checked out the Redwall Series, it is 7th grade level.  It might be too hard for Erik.  I did reserve one of them from the library to try though.  

ilovebakedgoods – I bought the Rule of Four already for Josh…LOL!!  Great idea though.    Hmm…..he is hard to find books for since I don’t read the same kind of books as him.

immax3 – I am not sure I even shared how I hurt my ribs….it is stupid!   I was cleaning the bath tub and leaning over the side and scrubbing the bottom.  I turned to scrub the back of the tub while leaning on my ribs and it made a painful cracking sound.  So I guess I am not cleaning the tub for a bit. 

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  1. Hehe, that’s funny about the book for Josh. Oh, how about going to Amazon and searching titles he enjoys and then seeing the “if you liked this book, we recommend this other title” area midway down the page. That’s how I’ve discovered tons of authors that I ended up liking.

  2. Has Erik tried the Chronicles of Narnia? I’m not sure what grade level that is.

    I’m with ilovebakedgoods about Amazon recommendations, its a great way to expand into new authors.

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