Hello!!   Hope everyone is doing well!  I actually got some good sleep with the help of pain meds from the Dr for my broken ribs.   Just like I figured they can’t do anything for my ribs.  She said it will take about 4 weeks to heal.   But gave me pain pills to take.  I will only take them before bed as I have trouble sleeping with the pain.


I took Tommy to daycare and then went to the Honda Dealership to have my van looked over.  Since we bought it used from a leasing place we have no idea about it’s maintenance.  I had some routine maintenance done and a oil change.  I also had them make a second key for us, new windshield wipers and change a bulb on the clock.  They said it looked good.   I was glad they didn’t find anything wrong with it. 

Then I came home and cleaned and rested.   At 1:00 I went to the Dr.  for my ribs.  After the Dr I rested until hubby came home.  Then we went to church.   I had Josh take Tommy to nursery and he wouldn’t even separate from Josh very well.   He finally just left him and Tommy screamed.   He was fine when we went to pick him up.  We came home and curled up in bed and listened to a book a tape.   Tommy worked on his letter flashcards and now can recognize and name all his letters.   He is doing great!   I think we will start working on the sounds of the letters now.  He is so anxious to learn.  It is really cool to see.   I took the pain pills the Dr gave me before bed and I was out.  


I woke up ok this morning. I was concerned about that since I am sleepy if I take pain meds.   Talk to hubby this morning about signing up for the fixed monthly payment for natural gas.  So we signed up for that this morning.  I am hoping it will help with the high heat bills we get in the winter!

So far this morning I have folded one load of clothes and started more laundry.   I am going into work abit late since Tommy has school.  I will drop him off and then head to work.   I have unit meeting this morning.   I will work until about 5 and then come home. 

Nothing much planned for tonight.  It is chore night so we will be cleaning up the house.  I need to work on my grocery list so I can get groceries on the way home from work on Friday.   Plenty to do…….

SUPPER:  Pizza pasta


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