Hello everyone……thought I would blog at you while I have a little lunch break. 


I got home from work a little early to go trick or treating with the kids.  Tommy fell asleep on  the way home from daycare so we had a crabby little guy.  But we headed out for a bit.  Then we came home and went to aunties and grandparents homes.  Josh, Erik and the gang went out trick or treating for a while.   Overall the night went pretty good.  Erik did get in trouble but it worked out ok.  


Work, work, work….my last IEP meeting tonight is at 7:00.  I actually have two at that time so I will run between the two rooms at that school.  My allergy office called this morning to remind me to get my flu shot, which I got today at work.  They get all worked up over that.   One year I was really sick and in the ICU and he thinks it was flu related, but I had a flu shot that year too.  I take one every year due to being high risk with my asthma.  He wants to see me the end of the month.  He didn’t decrease my predisone either…GRRRR…I am hoping to convince him at my appointment that I should decrease my meds. 


I am taking the day off and seeing the Dr about my ribs.  Hubby is insisting.  I really think it is a waste of time since they can’t do anything about it.  But I will go.   The rest of the day I hope to rest up a bit before church so maybe my ribs get a chance to heal.  I am sure I will do some cleaning too….but hopefully not much.   I need to catch up on my bible reading and start my book for book group too. 

Tuesday – working 9:30 to around 8:30 – Flu shot
Wednesday – Dr Appointment – Home from Work – Church
Thursday – work 10-6 – Chore night
Friday – work 9-6:30
Saturday – Alpha Retreat at Church
Sunday – Church – Family Photos Taken

Supper :  Hubby’s Choice – I am working late!

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