Hello – well today I slept in until 8:00, that felt great!   I got up and switched around some laundry and swept the living room while my breakfast cooked.  We ran to the library, Target and Sam’s Club.   Sam’s was out of the size of Pull-ups that Tommy wears for bedtime.  YIKES…we have enough for a few more days.   We picked up two shirts for Erik at Target.  

Once we were home I made lunch.  While lunch was in the oven I boiled 9 pounds of chicken that I will be chopping up for future meals.   I also browned 3 pounds of ground turkey and 2 pounds of ground chicken.   The browned meat is in the upstairs freezer.  I cleaned out that freezer as well.   I will cut up the chicken breasts after nap time. 

I am off to switch around laundry and then take a nap with Tommy.  After nap we are going to play some board games with Tommy.  We don’t have as much time to do that when all the boys are around so this is Tommy’s weekend to spend with Mommy and Daddy and play the things he wants.  We are going to teach him to play Old Maid and Go Fish this weekend too.   I also have a recipe for pumpkin play dough that I want to try.  Tomorrow we are going to the Hallelujah Festival.    I have to be there early to help with set up. 

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!  LATER!

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