Hello –  HAPPY FRIDAY!!!   I am very happy it is Friday and a low kid weekend.   Hopefully we have a quiet weekend and accomplish alot in striaghtening up the house. 

YESTERDAY –   I came home from work early.   I was able to get things cleaned up a bit and did some laundry.  The boys and I did our weekly chores.  I had the batrhooms so I really cleaned them well.  I like that the boys do the chores, but they don’t really clean to my level of satisfaction.  So when it is my turn to do a chore I do it very well.   It felt good to have the upstairs bathroom cleaned well! 

I made Taco Chili for supper.  It was good.  The boys actually liked it.   Josh then went to work from 5:30 to 9:30.   Erik of course spent the entire evening working on homework.  We watched my neice Kristen and she styed over until around 8:00 I think it was.  Tommy and she played pretty well.   Once she left Tommy took a bath and we went to bed.  He was really tired and fell alseep right away.   Hubby moved him to his bed so I could read for a bit. 

TODAY – This morning I paid bills and updated the budget already.  Today I am working and then getting groceries on the way home from work.  I need to stop at Aldi for most of our groceries.  Then I will need to go to Cub since they have Chicken Breast on sale for a good price.  I will stock up a bit.   I plan on cooking up some meat for future meals  this weekend.   I also need to stop at Target to get some pop for myself.  

I should get going and get ready for work. 

SUPPER:  Peppy Pizza Pasta

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