Wednesday…..Ooops…I guess a day got away from me.   I am always so busy the beginning of the week since I work late, etc. 


In the morning I took Tommy to school and stayed at the preschool for his little birthday celebration.

Then I headed to work.  I did homevisits with three clients and then headed to book group.  Book Group was alot of fun.   The author of the book was there too and she was really cool.  The ghost still are in her house, but she is at peace with them.   We had some great disucssions until late.   I made it home after 10:30.   I love book group!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY!!!    I can’t believe my baby is 4 years old today!  Actually at this time 4 years ago I was sleeping.   I had gone into the hospital the day before and started to be induced.  They gave me some heavy drugs to sleep through the night and I didn’t wake up until about 9:00am.   I gave birth to Tommy at around 4:00.   I have all my children naturally without epidruals or meds.   I have never been comfortable with spianls and always refused them. 

Tommy the day he was born……His Daddy was so excited for him!   We both just cried. 

Tommy at 3 months old

Tommy – 1 year

Tommy – 2 years

Tommy – 3

Captain Tommy – Age 4

Man do I love that little guy!!

Happy Birthday Baby!!

Today – Tommy is having a party at daycare for his birthday.  Tonight we have church and before church I need to go to the chiropractor.   I better get going.  Have a great day!

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