Hello…It is a lovely fall day here in Minnesota.  Of course I am not feeling great…GRRRR


I worked until late.   I left the office around 9:00.   During the day I ran some errand over my break.   I bought some pants for work.  The best part was I bought a smaller size!  YEAH BABY!  I was able to buy a single digit size.  YES!  I was so happy!   I bought hubby one pair of jeans as well.   I also bought stuff for Tommy’s Pirate birthday party.   I sure hope I feel better this weekend.   It is going to be a lot of fun.   He is excite.  He was walking around talking like a pirate last night. 

Last night hubby had at the kids all evening alone.  And yes, Michelle, Hubby’s choice does mean he has to cook the meal too!    He and Erik had to redo Erik’s entire code of arms assignment.   Erik put a lot of work into it and did a pretty good job.  Erik had to get up early this morning to finish his other homework.  Hubby had his hands full last night.  I came home and went right to bed.  I was not feeling well.  I got sick twice, which freaked Tommy out.  He kept coming into the bathroom.    I am not 100% today, but have to go to work for a bit and infect everyone I guess. 


Tommy is at school.  He went on his field trip to the apple orchard today.   He also got his pictures back from school.  They looked really nice.  I will scan them later.   I am going to go to work for a bit and do a few things I have to get done and then I will bring my laptop home to work from home.   Tonight hubby wants me to go to a retirement planning seminar at church with him.   I really didn’t want to go, but will probably.  

Well I am off to work…Have a great Day!

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