Hello Everyone!   It is Tuesday and I back at work.  I am on hold with Social Security so I thought I would type at you while I wait.  Should be plenty time to get a post done!

This week is turning out to be very busy, but it is the busy time of year at work. 


MONDAY – I had a hard time sleeping on Sunday night.  The last time I looked at the clock it said 2:30am.  ARGH…well the alarm goes off at 5:30 so that equals very little sleep for me.   I did make it through Monday fine and actually worked 12 hours, with a little help from my dear DT. MT DEW.   I drove home and collapsed right into bed.     Tommy was up waiting for me of course.   He fell asleep while I was reading.  Hubby was great and had done some laundry for me and Josh had done his dishes.  

Weight Watchers – I stayed within my 20 points for the day.

TUESDAY – This morning I slept in a bit since I had to take Tommy to preschool at 9:00 before going to work.   I don’t work until 10:00 on Tuesdays.  I got up and got Erik out the door.  Then I got ready for work and packed my lunch for work.   I am trying to count my points better this week.  If I only eat what is in my lunch bag for the day, I will have only 19 points eaten for today.    I updated my checkbook and then got Tommy ready for school.

When we got to preschool I find out it was Bike Day.  OOPS…I must have missed that note from school.   So I had to run home and get his bike and helmet.  The nice things is the preschool is less than 2 blocks from our house.  

Today my temporary plates on the new van expire.  I called the dealership and they are going to check if they plates are in yet.  ARGH…Hubby is going to drive after work to pick them up if they are in as I have to work until 8:00 tonight and they are only open until 7:00.   Too many things to do and not enough me to spread around!   I also asked hubby to pick up Josh’s Senior Pics as they are on the way to the dealership.    His pics are in Fridley.   If not I will go get them tomorrow. 

So that is my busy day for today.  Man, Social Security still hasn’t answered the phone yet, so I can keep typing!

TOMORROW – (WEDNESDAY)  I HAVE THE DAY OFF!!    I have a ton of things to take care of on my day off.    I might have to pick up the license plates at the dealership and Josh’s pictures depending on if hubby is able to do it tonight or not.   Then I have to transfer the title on the car we bought for Josh.  

The rest of the day I need to do a few things around the house.   I need to do a bit of laundry, put clean clothes away, go through my winter clothes for work.   I also need to get bills and grocery/menu done for next week.  

I also need to go to the chiropractor and we have church in the evening. 

THURSDAY – I am working from 10-5 so will actually be home to see my family and help out with things.

FRIDAY – I have to work a late night – 9:00 to about 8:00.  Erik will be going to his Mom’s for the weekend.  He really wants to go to the event at church on Friday night so I hope she takes him.  He also I think is suppose to start his service job at church on Saturday.  I need to email Linsey about that one. 

WEEKEND – NOTHING!!  I need a nothing weekend.   I want to read and do things around the house.  Maybe even rent a movie, go for a walk, bake…..whatever I feel like doing.  And of course nap!  A two weekend nap would be heavenly.  

Well I am to the end of my exciting (LOL) week and still social security hasn’t answered!  YIKES….well I can’t think of anything else to say!    I will have to find other work to do. 

Oh yeah…my truck…we decided to keep it.  We had it at the owner to owner lot over the weekend and it didn’t sell.   No one wants a truck with the way gas prices are.  So we are keeping it and hubby will drive it to and from work.   Which he is pretty happy about…which means I am a van driver now….just call me soccer mom.  LOL!!  I am sure I will get used to it…it does have a 6 disc changer so it is nice to load that up with my book on tape and listen and listen….


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  1. I hate waiting on the phone, but you have multi-tasked and used it wisely! haha 😉  You have a busy week, glad you have a “nothing” weekend coming up, sure love those~  Thanks for your comment/opinion, I appreciate it! Blessings! 😉

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