The Chicken Enchiladas were a hit here!  Erik loved them and actually took seconds.  This is rare for him.   After supper we quickly got the house in order.  We set the timer for 15 minutes and tackeled each room for 15 minutes.   Both hubby and Erik helped.      Now 45 minutes later the house is all straightened up and the clean clothes are put away.    AAAAh….what a nice way to start the new week.    Josh went to Amy’s for supper after work.   He should be home in a bit.

I have a couple of piles of paper to tame, than give Tommy a bath and head to bed.  Good Night all!!   Have a great week!

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  1. I actually only lived in ND one year, maybe less, and I’ve not been back.  Maybe one day!

    Yes, I just finished a very good book, if you like murder mysteries.  It’s Faye Kellerman’s latest.  I think she’s a good author (I like her Decker series) but this is the best so far.  The book she and her hubby wrote together was good too. 

    Jen time is good!  I think it takes some getting used to to wear different sorts of clothes.  I’m getting very bummed out with WW lately.  With my new meds, I’m having no luck and it grumps me out.  Oh well…I’m paid up to the end of the year so I guess I’ll go.

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