Hello….FRIDAY, YEAH! YEAH YEAH!!  I am so happy for the weekend.  I really need a relaxing weekend.  


Went to work for my morning meeting.  In the last 2 weeks I have gotten 7 new cases.  4 were from a co-worker that is leaving and requested me.   One is a request from a family in intake and I couldn’t turn them down!   Another one is fro ma co-worker and one was just my regular rotation!   YIKES!!   I have alot to do!   Life is going to be very very crazy until the end of the year.   I always gets sick due to the stress in the last few months of the year.  I am really trying to not do that this year.  We will see if I am successful.  

Then I went to Aldi to get groceries to make food for my book group.  Right before I showed up they had been robbed!  OOPS!!   I got my groceries and left.   Came home and made some yummy things for book group.   I made the following:

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread
Apple Crisp Pizza
Pizza Dip/ Chips
Veggie Tray/Dip

Everything was really good.  We had a nice chat and discussion about the book East of Eden.  I am not done with it, but home to finish some more this weekend.   Next months book is pretty short so I will get it done for sure!  I love my book group…they are the greatest group of ladies!

During my book group, Hubby took the boys out to supper at AppleBee’s.   They brought me back Spinach Artichoke dip….my favorite!


I hope to do very little today!   This morning I paid bills, dropped Tommy off at daycare, went to the bank and post office already.  Then I dropped my truck off at the dealership to get looked at about not starting right away and have the wheel bearings fixed.  ARGH!! 

I have to write two reports for work today so I am caught up again.   With those new cases coming I don’t want to get behind.   I hope to take a bit of my free time and read and will of course be doing laundry in between working as always.   This evening…I hope for a quiet evening of NOTHING!


We will go to the library and might need to get some groceries.   At 5:00 we have tickets to go to STOMP at the Ordway.  We are looking forward to that.  I still need to find a sitter for tomorrow….YIKES!!

This weekend I need to get Tommy, Erik’s and my fall clothes out of storage.   The weather is getting chilly and we need our pants now. 

I am off to switch the laundry around…have a great day!!


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