Good Morning…..I am here.  Life seens to get in the way of blogging these days.   I worked late on Monday and Tuesday.  When I get home I just have enough time to check in on homework, switch around laundry and head to bed.   It will be busy like this until the end of the year for me.   I hope to take some time off over the holidays. 


I am driving the van for work since my truck isn’t starting the best.  I am realizing I am not much of a minivan driving, I really am a SUV sort of lady!   I really prefer my SUV!    I need to take my truck back into the dealership again.   I hope to do that on Friday if I can manage to work from home on Friday.   I worked until about 7:30 last night and then came home.   I only read for a bit before bed, I don’t think I will actually get my book done before book group on Thursday.  Book Group is at my house this month!    I am so not ready!


I am working at the office until about 2:30 or so and then I will come home and clean up a bit and make my shopping list for tomorrow.  I need to figure out what I will be making for snacks for Book Group.  During the book group hubby will take the boys out to eat so they aren’t here.   I have a chiropractor appointment at 4:30 tonight and church starts at 5:00 so it is a very busy day.  We are starting our Alpha class tonight with a celebration meal.  


Work part of the day and then get groceries for my book group.  I will come home and make food and pick up a bit before my friends from book group come over.   We are discussing East of Eden by Steinbeck, which I am not done with yet….ARGH!!  Hopefully I will get some more reading done tonight and tomorrow.  

SUPPER – Eating at church

GRATITUDE – My home………………….a shelter in any storm. 

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  1. Hi Jen…wow are you ever busy. I thought I was busy. Sure hope you find some time for relaxation. I like minivans myself. I’m driving an Intrepid but would prefer a minivan. Anyways…I love being in school but I also look forward to coming home and seeing the kids and when Don gets home too from work. Just doing mom stuff, wife stuff….take care and have a great restful 🙂 evening…

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