Happy 13th Birthday to Erik!!!!


My Dad, Erik and Steve all have September Brithdays!

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Erik opening presents.  He received some money, a sweatshirt and one of his favorite gifts, Lord of The Rings Middle Earth Computer game! (Mom knows what he wants for his b-day!)   He played that games for hours on Sunday!

Erik Modeling his new sweatshirt.  He received another White Bear Lake Sweatshirt!  He loves those!

Also in the Pic:  Tommy, Chelsea (cousin) and Erik!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Eric!

    Thank you so much for for the links-I didn’t know about Miss Robens. Their site is packed full of useful information as well as lots of products we can order. If the pizza crust mix I have now doesn’t work then I’ll probably order Miss Robens next.

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