It is a new day…..and things are ok.   I found a person who will buy the van for $125.00 so I will not be out any money for the diagnostic at the garage, which is $110.00.   We have started looking for a new economy car for Josh.   My parents, bless them, are going to help Josh out with a no interest loan to purchase a vehicle.  I don’t know what we would do with out them.  Had a long discussion with Josh last night about work and junk.  He needs to go to Old Navy ask for more hours.   He seems to have other things he rather be doing with his time, which I don’t agree with!  He will not be driving my truck to cart his girlfriend around.   Her parents are going to have to start doing that. 

My truck needs to go in this morning to be repaired.  So after I drop off Erik for school detention and take Tommy to preschool I will drop it off at the dealership and walking home. 

Josh didn’t do his dishes last night, hubby said he told him twice.  

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  1. Praise God for Being Faithful…. I will pray for Josh will you pray for my youngest Britt. who is 13 and just keeps telling lies….

    We just are beside ourselves with knowing how to work with her…



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