Morning….I am enjoying some quiet time cleaning this morning on my day off!  YEAH!   I didn’t get much sleep at all since hubby started coughing at 2:00 and didn’t stop until 2:45 so I got up to sleep on the couch since I didn’t have to work.  GRRRR…I didn’t fall back to sleep until 5:00 and the alarms start going off at 5:30 around here.   So I was a little crabby this morning.    I pray today is a day Tommy decides to take a nap.  I really really need one!


Last night I cooked at church, it went pretty good.  I just wasn’t into it after working the entire day.    I was at church all evening.  Erik had about 2 hours of homework and still has some to do tonight.  Hubby took care of that while I was gone. 

I came home and got things ready and headed to bed with Tommy.   I have a feeling I was asleep before Tommy since I can’t remember!


Today I am off since my daycare is closed.   I am continuing to work on my fall cleaning today.   I am working in the entryway today.  I am washing the walls, and banisters, etc.  I have no clutter in my entryway so that is not an issue.  I just need to wipe everything down a bit.  I am about 1/2 done, so I am taking a little break.   I just have to wipe the walls going into the basement and scrub the floor.   

Then I will pick up Tommy from preschool and we are going to Sam’s club to pick up some household items.  Believe it or not, the van won’t start so Josh is without a vehicle.  ARGH!!   More money out the window.  My savings is getting eaten up!    I need to be saving money for our plan tickets to Florida in March. 

BTW – Tommy did great separating from me at preschool today.  It is the week you bring your Teddy bear to school and he was excited to show his Teddy the Rescue Heroes so Mom got to leave right away!  YEAH, TOMMY!!!

After Sam’s it will be lunch time and then Nap time!!  I can’t wait!!!!   3 hours of sleep just doesn’t do it for me.  

Since I am home today we are letting Erik ride his bike to school with his friends.  He is the only kid on the entire block who was riding the bus.  The rest were all riding bikes.   He really needs to fit in socially so we are trying it.  Hope it goes well for him!  He already feels he stands out since he needs extra help in class, so we don’t want to have him stand out as the only kid that *has to ride the bus. 


Back to work and the first night of Church.   

SUPPER:  Chicken Biscuit Pie/ Veggie/ Cottage Cheese with Pineapple

GRATITUDE:   Hmm…this is a stretch as I am pretty crabby this morning. …I am grateful for occasional quiet mornings to myself! 

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