Yesterday was a great!  We had alot of fun on our End of Summer Celebration!  We stopped at the library and then headed to the Mall of America.    The van isn’t working correctly and of course that will have to go in and get fixed.  WHen you use the breaks it pulls really bad to the left.  

Daddy taking a nap before we head out on our END OF SUMMER CELEBRATION!

Tommy and Erik on the Bus Ride!

Erik, Tommy and Daddy…….

Tommy and Daddy on the little kids roller coaster.  He loved that!

Josh on Bumper Cars.

Erik on the bumper cars…..

My boys at Underwater World……

Our Family at Underwater World Adventures! 

We had a great time, we spent about 4 hours on rides at Camp Snoopy.   Tommy liked the Sponge Bob movie ride, which we went on twice.  Hubby took the older boys on rides and I had Tommy most of the time.  

We also went to Underwater World.  That was cool…..the sharks and string rays were cool!    After Underwater World we went to Old Navy and bought two more pairs of school pants for Erik.  He now has 4 new pairs so he should be good for school.    I have spent so much money on school clothes for him…YIKES!!!  He needed everything since we only really had summer clothes and a few weekend clothes. 

Then we went to Red Lobster.  Tommy fell asleep on the ride and got a little nap.   We had to wait a bit for our table to Red lobster.   We all had a ton to eat.  The kids had crab legs and lobster, their favorite!  Tommy had popcorn shirmp and loved it. 

We were stuffed afterwards and came home and vegged the rest fo the evening.  I went to bed with Tommy around 9:00 and woke up around 12:00 since hubby hadn’t sent the other children to bed yet.  ARGH!!  So mean mommy had to send them to bed.  I am sure they will be a joy to wake up this morning for church.  


I hope to finish my book today.  Immax3, I am enjoying the Earlene Fowler book, I really like the characters!    I should finish this book up today and then I will start East of Eden for book group.  I need to saute some green peppers to have in the freezer for recipes.   I have alot of them and they are starting to go bad.   I have some fruit to cut up for the week as well.  

I have a couple of loads of laundry to do and just relax in general!    I might work on one of my dining room chairs…we will see.    I might try and add a few more recipes to my website as well.

SUPPER:  Sloppy Joes

GRATITUDE:   Fun times with my family!   


Working late on Monday, I have a 7:00 homevisit.   ARGH!!   I understand I am suppose to be at a meeting at church as well, so we will see.   Monday seems like a regular day!  I will only work 3 days next week and then I will be off Thursday -Tuesday!  Yeah!!!

Have a great day!

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