Work went well.   I had alot of calls to make.  I was able to locate school supplies for a large family that couldn’t afford them.  That was good.   I also had to apply for SSI (Social Security) for someone.   Argh…I tried the online process which wasn’t too bad, but I still have to call them, which is a nightmare most times.   I did manage to get a walk in at work over my lunch.  I haven’t been able to do that in over a week.

Our evening was ok.   Supper was great!  Everyone really liked it.  The refried beans weren’t  a huge hit, but I liked them.  The rice I made a little too spicy, but it was good.  Everyone loved the Tacos.   Tommy was being crabby and wouldn’t come to the table to eat.  He ate a bit later once he was done being so mad.   Not sure what was up with that since he had a nap.   He got an owie by his eye and it was bothering him.  A toy fell and hit him outside.  

Hubby bathed Tommy and got him ready for bed.   Was feeling pretty overwhelmed by what I need to get done and hubby was not really helping.  He was working, but that is a whole other story.   I layed down with Tommy around 8:30 and he went to sleep early!  YEAH!!  So hopefully he will wake up this morning better. 

After Tommy was in bed I worked on my HIPPA study guide for work.  I have to take the test today.   I have to do this every year and it is a pain. 


I am so happy that I have book group tonight.   I need a night out with the girls so badly!   They are a fabulous group of ladies.  We are going on Syd’s yatch so that will be fun!    So I will be out until late tonight. 

Work wise I need to take my HIPPA test an I have a pretty intense IEP meeting this afternoon.  But of course before I go to work I have to take Erik’s immunization info into school AGAIN.  They wouldn’t let us get his class schedule until I  turned it into the nurse, which we did on the 16th.  Now they called yesterday and said he can’t start school because he doesn’t have his shots.  ARGH.  And of course they still haven’t called me about his IEP!   I know they are busy, but really he is a new student it should be some priority here. 


Not much…another intense school meeting at work.   There are so many problems to work out with some kids on my caseload before school starts so it is a busy week for me.   I can’t wait until school starts and things settle down for about a week and then it is budget time.  

SUPPER:   Hubby’s cooking – hamburger helper and veggie

GRATITUDE:  Grateful my hubby apologized this morning.    

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  1. Hi, thanks for posting on my site. Glad you were able to get some ideas from my household notebook. I thought about being a social worker, but from what i understand about it, I think it would be difficult for me. I would be crying all the time after doing homevisits. And some of the people i know live in bad conditions. I would be crying for the children and begging the parents to get off their bad habits. I know its not all like that, but its there. You sure have a busy life. Hope you have a great and productive Thursday….Blessings *~*Shelley*~*

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