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I worked until about 7:30 and then headed home to put Josh’s Senior Pics online so his out of town family could make their choices for ordering.   I need to order by the end of the month to get in on one of their specials. 

Work was good.  I had two homevisits.   One was jsut so funny, the kids jsut cracks me up, hey he even flipped me off.   The other boy *had to hug his social worker and he was wet from a squirt gun fight.  So I was a bit wet when I get back to the office.  But it was fun.   Then I did some paperwork and junk.  

Josh helped out yesterday and made supper in the crockpot.  It seemed to go ok, but was all gone so I didn’t get to try it.  It was Chicken Wild Rice Soup.  


I am in the office all day today so it will be phone calls and paperwork.  I have a chiro appointment at 5:30 today so I can’t work late.   I have plenty to do around the house anyways.   I don’t want to fall behind on laundry.  

Today is my Financial Blessing day so I have bills to write out and my budget to look at.  I need to finish reconciling my checkbook as well.  I might take my bills binder with me to work and work on it on my lunch break.  I can never jsut eat lunch, I need to multi-task.

My goal today….do my bedtime routine!  I have been bad about that again and I kist go to bed.   It is so helpful to do my bedtime routine, but I forget.  

Kitchen – dishes/sweep
Lay out Clothes
Pack Bags
Make Lunch
Prep for Supper if needed
Clear Dining Table


BOOK GROUP!!  YEAh…..I love my book  group.  We are meeting on my friends yatch so it should be fun.   I hope the weather is nice.  We will be discussing Mrs Kimble.   A light read, but enjoyable.   Next up we are reading East of Eden.

SUPPER TONIGHT:   Tacos, Refried Beans and Spanish Rice

GRATITUDE:   Last night I was reading in bed and I just smiled to myself as I listened to my hubby softly snore.   I am very grateful for him!   And in between us I hear this little tiny snore.  Tommy was snoring.   Some times while I am reading and they have both fallen asleep I look at them and just smile, knowing how lucky I am!  

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  1. Hi, Hope you get everything accomplished today. I enjoy coming to your site, really enjoy searching for recipes here. Hows your household notebook coming? Well you have a Blessed and Great Wednesday…take care!!


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