Just about ready to jump into the shower.  Tonight I work late.   I have alot of homevisits today.  I have one at 11:30, 3:00 and then lastly at 5:00.   I put some food in the crockpot and I will call Josh so he can get it started when he gets up.   He is watching Erik for us today again.  Yesterday, Josh and Amy took Erik to Como Zoo and they went roller blading around the lake.    They all seemed to have a great time!    I jsut smile when I think of the special time our boys have together.   They are really good to each other!  

We had been planning to go to Florida this year, since it will be the last Spring Break when all the boys are still home and Tommy is finally old enough.   But money was an issue and we couldn’t afford it.   God really smiled on us when our friends let us use the time share!     We are so grateful!     Now we can make it work, a dream come true.

Still not sure when my BIL is moving in, but he is going on our End of Summer Celebration with us this weekend.   So I guess we will talk about it then, see if he has made progress on selling his trailer. 

Life is good……Have a great one!

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