Hello – well it is Monday and back to work.   My daycare is back from vacation so Tommy will go see Auntie.    Sure was nice having mom here, she did laundry and stuff for me during the day.   I am all caught up though, so I just need to keep on top of it.   I still have to finish going through Erik’s clothes for School, I think we have enough that is good enough for school.   Josh still needs a school bag I think.  We are going to Mall of America next weekend to Camp Snoopy to celebrate the end of summer and we will go out to supper, maybe a movie too..we will see!     We usually go away to a hotel for End of Summer, but we didn’t get a place in time this year.   My BIL Steve is probably going with us as well.    So I need to buy some unlimited ride wrist bands today.  


  • Weight Watchers Weigh In

  • One Homevisit



  • Work on one Dining Room Chair

  • Laundry

  • Supper – Chicken Wild Rice Soup, Rolls, Peaches and Cottage Cheese

I am off to shower and get to work…..have a great day!!

I will leave you with a couple of Josh’s Graduation Pics…..

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  1. You have a handsome son there! Sounds like a lot of fun…Mall of America. Thanks for posting on my site. Really appreciate it….Have a Wonderful and Productive Monday. Take Care…..*~*Shelley*~*

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