I am so excited!!   We are so blessed by fabulous, generous friends.    Our good friends shared one of their extra vacations with us.   So I went shopping the time share site and we found a resort for the week of our children’s spring break!   We really lucked out!   We are going to Florida for Spring Break.  The kids are very excited.   We are all booked and ready to go.  The best part is we have 6 months to pay it off and look for a good deal on airline tickets. 

So we will be spending a week in Florida in March!   It will be cold in Minnesota and we will be so sick of snow and we get to go to the Summer Bay Resort!  Our Friends and their kids will also be in Florida at the same time.  So we will be able to hang out with them hopefully.  

What A Blessing………


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  1. Good for you!!!  We are thinking about going to Florida (Orlando) in May ~~ after spring break but before the end of school and beginning of hurricane season! 

    Have a good evening,  Love,  Suzanne 

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