Hello –  I am dragging today.  I think it is my allergies getting me so tired.  I have accomplished alot today, but nothing I should.   I am working late tonight so I won’t leave until my list is done!  

I have been making calls getting things straightened around regarding Erik.  Appointments to make, records to transfer and insurance issues to resolve.   Nothing major, just time consuming. 

Last night was a busy night, then they all seem to be.   I made Sloppy Joes for supper and did some laundry.  Picked up meds at CVS while hubby took Tommy for a ride on his new bike.   Hubby bathed Tommy for me while I did laundry.   Then I decided to finally watch the movie I rented.  So I curled up in bed and watched Miss Congentiality 2 with hubby and Erik.  It was pretty funny.   Tommy went to bed in his bed, but later crawled in with me.   We put the super glue on Tommy’s toe like the Dr said…weird.  But it seems to be holding the cuts together.   I don’t really see it getting better yet, but I have only put the steroids on twice. 

Tonight I am working late and hubby is on his own.  I made a big sub sandwhich for him that i made last night to feed the kids tonight when I work late.    Josh is working today so Erik went to my SIL’s.   I think Josh is going to Marketfest tonight since it is the last night of it.  He will probably take Erik with him too.  

NOt much planned for this weekend, thank goodness!    Erik is going to his Mom’s.    Josh is going camping with his buddies.   Tommy is with us.   Friday night my neice is babysitting as we were invited over to SIL’s and BIL’s for a football party.  Saturday will be errands and doing things around the house.  Sunday we are going to pick up my mother as she will be staying with the boys next week. 

I have finished my lunch…weight wathcers pizza.  YUMMY!!  Time to get back to work.   Hope you have a great day!

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