MOrning…….well this morning we were woken by a big bang in the back yard.  ARGH…another squirrel got fried on the electrical thing out back.   This happens about once a year even though Xcel Engery put a squirrel gaurd on it.   So I called Xcel and waited for them to come.  Of course we were out of electricity for over an hour, so it made it hard to get ready for work.  

Now I am at work and I have to get busy and prepare for my 1:00 meeting.  Hope everyone has a great day! 

I am looking forward to the weekend.  Both older boys are gone this weekend.   So it should be a nice quiet weekend for us.  I really need a quiet weekend.  We are going to pick up my mother on Sunday and she will be staying with us next week.   Later!!!

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