I am exhausted and ready for bed.  We have had a busy, but good day.   After church we went out to eat.  We haven’t been able to that in a few months, so it was a nice treat.   THen we came home and tried to all take a nap.   Tommy couldn’t fall asleep so after laying down for a while he got up.  I slept for about 1/2 hour.

Erik got grounded since he wasn’t listening.   He had a tough day today, but then he had no sleep, so it is understandable.   He finally went to sleep and slept until supper time.   He really needed it.

Tommy helped me paint a board for the Bean bag toss.   I am working on making the carnival games for the blosk party.   The rest of the afternoon Tommy went to his play at his cousin’s house.   They went swimming.   While Tommy was gone I worked on drawing the design on the board for the game and started painting it.   It is uncle Sam holding some ballons which is where the holes will be for the bean bag toss.  Josh is going to cut those for me.    I will finish it up later this week.  

Josh, Adam and Charlie have been hanging out at the house all day.  That is so nice!  I had started to miss having them all around everyday.  They are planning a camping trip.   5 guys want to go camping for two days by them selves.  I of course am way over protective and nervous about it.   And I told them there will absolutely be NO GIRLS there.  If I find out there was, they will be in trouble and I will be making some phone calls for sure.  I do feel I can trust Joshua.   He is growing up so and like hubby said I should let him go since in year he could move out and join the army.  So I guess he can handle camping without an adult.  I will call him on his cell of course and check in with them.  It is so hard for me to let him grow up….he is my baby. 

My SIL, BIL and family brought Tommy home and stayed for supper.  My SIL helped me paint some more on the game until it got too dark.    I jsut finished washing up the dishes and now I am going to fold my last load of laundry and head to bed.  

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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