Home from the Dr….no infection.  So I think it is a flair up of my condition called institual cystisis (IC).   I haven’t had a flair up in years, but will increase my meds and see what happens.  The Dr thinks it is a kidney stone, so she ordered a ultra sound.  I jsut don’t think that is it, but will go have it done all the same.   So she said take pain pills and rest.  Hmm……I can do that until Wednesday.    Then it is back to work.  I do have to go into the office tonight to pick up some stuff.   Argh!!   

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  1. Ouch!! kidney stones are no fun!!! both me and my hubby have has them….

    I pray this will soon be over for you….



  2. Hi, I saw that u had subscribed a while back to my site.  I am sorry that I never commented to u.  I only use this site for my recipes and crafts.  If you want to come to my other site it is sjkuz.  I hope that you will be feeling better soon!!

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