Morning…Hope everyone is having a nice day.  I didn’t accomplish much yesterday but to finish my book.   I read the Covenant by Beverly Lewis.   I hate to admit I really didn’t like it that much.  I finished it, but I don’t really like inspirational fiction.   I also can’t read romances like anything by Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown or Danielle Steele or anything like that.    I call them grocery store romances…..just not my type of reading.   

Hubby put mulch around all the flower gardens that I weeded.  They lookd very nice. 

Today I am going to conquer paperwork, laundry and the playroom.   I also started a new book I would like to read a bit. 

Well I am off to shower and head to church.  Later!

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  1. I love Beverly Lewis, one of my favorite authors. If you want to read better inspirational fiction check out Karen Kingsbury, another one my favorites, her books make you cry, they are awesome!  Have a good day! 🙂

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