Believe it or not I am getting ready to go to bed.   I am not feeling too well tonight.   I have terrible back pain and headache, which I think is a kidney infection.  I couldn’t get into any urgent care center tonight so I will try and get a same day appointment at the clinic tomorrow.   They were booked solid for the day otherwise.   If it gets too bad I will go to the ER, but really don’t feel like it.    I haven’t had one of these for a few years.   Oh well….I do have some tylenol with codiene that I plan on taking for the pain so I can sleep, hopefully. 

Erik is home….said he had a good weekend.  Glad to hear it!     Josh will be home later, his Dad will drop him off.  

I have done a few loads of laundry and washed the dishes ….time to call it a night!

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  1. I hope you’re feeling much better soon.  It’s miserable to have to work when you’re feeling punk.

    Thanks for explaining SIR!  Many people commented after you that they didn’t know what it was either.

    My hubby thinks my online friendships are a little odd but he’s happy that I’m happy.  Now if I could just compress the time spent online into a little, little pellet of time, we’d be crusin’!

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