Morning…..Tommy is still sleeping so I am going to have to wake him soon so I can get to work.  He slept in our bed until about 1:30AM than I woke up and put him back in his bed and he stayed there all night.  YEAH!  

Freezer cooking was fun last night.   I have 5 marinades and three sides.  I am going to give some of them to a woman I know that just had a baby.    Always nice to have some meals after returning from the hospital.  Tommy and I went to bed shortly after I got home.  

Josh had a friend sleep over, but they were very quiet.   Except they ordered pizza at like 10:30 at night.   I heard the front door open so I got up.  Once we go to bed we always have the boys be in the house, so the door opening always wakes me up. 

Today I am working 12 hours…..and tomorrow I am heading to Duluth for a meeting and Friday I am off.  Once Erik’s mom picks him up Hubby and I will have a few hours of quiet before we have to pick up Tommy.    I had one appointment today, but they cancelled on me late yesterday afternoon.   Hubby is getting off work a little early today and taking Erik to the dentist.  He has to have two cavities filled.  Next week he will get his braces on.  So today I will catch up on paper work.   I have 3 reports to update. It will be a boring day, but I should be able to get two walks in.

I should call the middle school and see if they plan on meeting with us to review Erik’s IEP before school starts since he is new to the district.  Hmm……I might give them another week or so.   My kids start school Sept 1st and it is quickly approaching.   I think I have forms to complete for Tom’s preschool too….things to do.   I need to organize the info on the school etc and update our phone list.   That is what the month of August is for….organizing and getting ready for school. 

Oh Yeah…..we finally got our Harry Potter book in the mail yesterday.   Josh has read them all, but I can’t get Erik interested in them at all.  Oh well….Erik has asked that I read to him again.  So we will probably start that when school starts depending on how much homework he has.  We have to fit alot into our evenings with me working full-time and having three kids and hubby to care for!

  Later!!!  have a great day!

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  1. If I’m being too nosey just let me know. Are you all Erik’s custodial parents now? Did he get to choose to come live with you? Or did something else happen? Just curious, because it sounds like he has done really well this summer!

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