Hey everyone….just taking a little break.   I just came back from my walk.  I didn’t walk as far as usual as my chest is a little tight and my breathing isn’t the best.  Sure helps to break up the evenings of working here alone to go outside for a bit!   I am having my supper which is a Weight Watchers Smart Ones Pepperoni Pizza….I have never had them before, it is yummy!   And chasing it with my ever present Dt MT Dew. 

Just called hubby to confess I was a bad wife again and forgot to lay out meat to thaw last night.  I was so tired when I came home last night that I went straight to bed.   ARGH!!  I always try to have supper all ready for him in the fridge when I work late.  He doesn’t like to come home from work and try and feed 3 hungry kids after working all day.   Tomorrow I am going to try to remember to put supper in the crockpot before I go to Duluth for work.   6 hours of driving for a meeting that will probably only last an hour max!  ARGH!     I checked on Erik and the cavities he had filled were very small, he didn’t even need novacane.   So he is fine.   Next week Tuesday he is getting his braces on! 

The rest of this week will be easy for me….tomorrow I go to Duluth, that is my 8 hours of work and Friday I am off.   NExt week doesn’t look too bad either.  Monday I have weight watchers and work late.  Tuesday I am off as I am taking Erik to get his braces on.   Wednesday I work late, but have a couple of homevisits to break up my day.   Thursday I have a quiet office day and book group in the evening.  I will probably still go to book group even though I stopped reading the book.  OOPS.   And Friday I have a couple of homevisits as well.   AAAAH……gotta love it when there is a lull in the madness.  My job gets very hectic in the months of September, October, November and December again…so I am enjoying the managable work load right now.   Unfortunately I usually end up getting sick during that time.  At Christmas I take a few weeks off to recooperate and start the new year!  

I just got my Light & Tasty Magazine in the mail last night.  I hope to try a couple of new recipes from there in the next weeks.  DOn’t worry I will share if they are any good.

Well I am off to clear a few things off my TO DO LIST…..have a great evening!!!!!!!!

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