Busy morning……I had a hard time getting up of course.  But I got up, got ready and took Tommy to daycare.  Then I returned home and got Erik up. had him shower, etc…and I folded two loads of laundry.  Then I took Erik to the ortho to get his separators on as the first steps of his braces.   It was a quick appointment and he did great.  Then he and I stopped at Zappa’s to buy him a White Bear Sweatshirt and T-shirt.   He wanted them for school since he is switching schools…so now he is officially a White Bear guy.  Can’t be official until you have a hoodie for your new school.   He was very happy.  

Today Josh, Erik and Charlie are working on the tree house.   They had the roof almost done when I dropped Erik off.  Erik is very happy hanging out with Josh and Charlie.   I must say, this summer has been going great.  Erik is very happy and his behavior has been very good.   I am very proud of Erik.  It has been a very enjoyable summer so far!

Tonight I have a cooking session at church from 7-9 so I will be getting home late again.  I am going to take all the food I make tonight to a new mom that had a baby from our church.  

Back to work….Later!  Enjoy your day!!

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  1. My DS goes Aug 3rd to start his orthodontics. I’m not sure yet what the first step is but I think it will also be separators. You just amaze me. I don’t know where you get the extra hours in the day to do what you do. You’re an inspiration!

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