The end of my work day!  Yeah….I am jsut getting ready to leave my office and head home.   Tomorrow is my day off so I better get my TO DO LIST up for the day.   I already did my menu and shopping list so I am pretty ready to go for tomorrow.  I will have to update my online menu.  Haven’t done that in a while!  


  • BBQ Chicken into Crockpot
  • Pick Up Van
  • Get Groceries – Aldi, Cub and Bread Thrift Store
  • Dr Appointment – ME – 1:45
  • Chiro – 4:00

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  1. Hey, Jenn!!!  I’m glad that you are getting a day off tomorrow.  Hope you enjoy it.  I never seem to get to everything on my to do list.  Perhaps I pack too much into a  day???  Have a great evening!  Love,  Suzanne 

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