Hello…..seems like I am back finally and able to log into my xanga. 

We have been on vacation this week and are home now and trying to get a few things done around here before I have to go back to work on Monday. Thursday we did our weekly cleaning, which went very quickly. The boys (my two oldest help). We were done in less than
an hour.

Tommy seems to have giving up naps so I can’t clean when he sleeps. I did a few loads of laundry, ran errands and washed the shower curtains and bathroom rugs.

We did stop at Target and I was able to find two xmas presents on clearance and a couple of school shirts and Superman Pjs.   Then we decided to stop at Plato’s closet to see if there were any jeans in for JOsh for school.  Platos is like Once Upon a Child but for teens.  He found one pair of jeans, two sweaters and one pair of Air Force One Tennis shoes he wanted.   I found a nice dress shirt from the Express and a pair od Nike running shoes for $10.00.  Now I am able to keep a pair at work and a pair at home so I am more likely to walk.   Speaking of which I think I will go for a walk right now after I am done typing this!

The rest of the afternoon was cleaning the house and watching while he played out in the pool.

Evening meant haircuts for my nephew Nick and Tommy actually let me cut his hair!   Yeah!  He has summer hair now!


We were up early and out the door by 8:20 to get Erik to his dental appointment.   He had two cavities so he has to have them repaired before he gets his braces on on the 26th.   I can’t wait until we get these done as he has ALOT of appointments this month.  

August is full of appointments too….Josh and I need to go to the allergist.  Josh is getting his senior pics done on the 10th and that morning Tommy has another check up on his ears. 

Tommy and I were so tried today, that once Erik’s mom came to get him Tommy and I took a nap.   That was so nice!   I am hoping to finish my book “desert Flower” by tomorrow since it is library day tomorrow.  I am not sure what book I will start next. 

I am looking forward to a quiet weekend.  I rented a few R rated movies, which we can only watch when we only have Tommy.  Once he is in bed we can watch a movie.    Josh is going to his Dad’s I think to help him move and Erik is with his Mom and her family. 

I am off to go for a walk and then clean up the kitchen before calling it a night. 


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  1. I remember when my kids gave up their naptime. 🙁 You still sounded like you got alot done though. I absolutely love Once upon a child. i buy baby clothes there. really unique boutique type outfits, then i resale then for 3 times what I bought them for. have a great weekend.

  2. Hey, how’s that book?  It looks interesting!  I just finished one written by a woman who traveled, with her husband, across Africa.  It was horrifying and enlightening by turns.  I think it was called White Men Have No Juju, or something like that.

    Welcome back!

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